Governors’ role

The role of the Governing Body is an intrinsic part of the leadership of the school, although often unseen by parents and other community stakeholders.  This impact statement is one way in which the Governing Body articulate their role in school leadership, the impact which they have had on school improvement and be transparent about their activities.


All members of the Governing Body receive training through LA opportunities or identified relevant training providers.  The impact of this is that the Governing Body are kept abreast of their responsibilities with regard to the latest requirements and expectations.

Impact of the Full Governing Body meetings


The structure of the Governing Body has been reconstituted in line with new regulations. Park's Governing Body now consists of ten members:

  • Three parent governors
  • One Local authority governor
  • One staff governor
  • One headteacher
  • Four co-opted governors

 In addition to the Full Governing Body we also have two other committees:

  • Standards and Curriculum
  • Finance, Personnel and Premises

 The impact of reconstitution is that committee meetings are more focused and productive, and all members are aware of all the strategic issues pertaining to the school.

Impact of the Standards and Curriculum committee

Achievement of pupils

Progress and attainment data for all children across the school, including vulnerable groups, is analysed in this committee.  Data is focused on reading, writing and maths.  Analysis is done at varying levels, including year groups, classes, pupil premium, high ability and boys/girls.  The impact of this is that governors are aware of how children are performing, where there are issues and can ask challenging questions to ensure that any identified problems are addressed in a timely manner.  This ensures that the Governing Body know throughout the year how the school is progressing towards the school priorities and targets.

Governors are all familiar with Ofsted dashboards, Arbor analysis reports, and school school in house tracking -  which enable them to benchmark the school’s performance against other similar schools and nationally.  They are also all familiar with the RAISE online data for our school which again shows our performance in the national context.

Impact of the Finance, Personnel and Premises committee

Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

The Finance, Personnel and Premises committee consider financial issues and in conjunction with the work of the Standards and Curriculum committee, ensure that the money is well spent by evaluating the impact of school spending on pupil outcomes.

Headteacher’s Appraisal

The Governing Body carries out the headteacher’s appraisal annually alongside expert assistance from an independent educational advisor. The appraisal process allows us to look closely at the performance of the headteacher, have discussions about areas of strength and weakness in that performance and set new targets against which the headteacher’s performance will be evaluated.

The impact of this is that governors understand the areas of strength and weakness in teaching within the school.  This enables them to challenge the headteacher on how good practice within school is being shared for whole school benefit and how weaknesses are being addressed.  The different sources of data enable us to triangulate information and ensure that conclusions drawn from various sources are congruent.