Our Mission Statement
School, Family, Community…Preparing our Children for Success

Teaching and Learning is the core purpose of our school. We offer a broad, balanced, relevant and stimulating curriculum that is supported by the latest advances in technology and expanded by pupils' questions. Our curriculum evolves to meet the needs of our children ensuring that they achieve their maximum potential.



In Park Primary children have an entitlement to teaching and learning which:-

·        Encourages respect for themselves and others within the school, family and wider community

·        Builds their ‘behaviour for learning’ strategies to ensure they have a responsible, resilient, reflective and independent attitude to work and their roles in society

·        Gives equal opportunity for all children to achieve their potential in terms of academic, spiritual and moral awareness

·        Actively promotes a joy of lifelong learning, through a variety of styles reflecting the advances in technology, the child’s preferred learning style and importantly a sense of fun

·        Accurately identifies and tracks pupil progress

·        Ensures that both the child, parent/carer and the teacher have a clear picture of what has been learned and what steps need to be taken next

·        Raises the expectations of success and celebrates a wide range of achievements (not solely academic)

·        Provides reliable and credible information to support progression in learning

·        Is motivating and increasingly involves pupils in review and target setting